Party Hard and Party Safe at Surreal Thai Beaches

Beauty, Exotic and swanky ambience makes  Thai Beach Party a must to do for a young ager indulged in partying and enjoying South East Asian territories. Second Week of Each month is a party time on Thai lands and the biggest one is organized at Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan. But before you pack your bags for Thailand Travel Packages, here are some of the dos and don’ts which you should follow for a memorable party extravaganza here –

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Booking Hotels beforehand –

Koh Phangan has numerous places to settle for the night. But as the full moon night get closer, the rooms get pricey and occupancy reaches to maximum at the night. It’s better to reserve the rooms beforehand for the comfortable stay for the beach party.

Don’t get down too early at the venue –

Reach venue around 11 pm so that you don’t miss out the exciting party or became the soul who left out wonders for curling up in the sand whole night. Overexcitement makes the person reach early on time hence don’t miss out the glamour because of this silly feeling.

Don’t buy drinks from the beach

Being the host place, the itineraries available here are very expensive. Hence it’s better to take a walk and get at downsized prices. Few more steps and the drinks will get cheaper.

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Extra penny to Pee

If you don’t want to sweep away your pee in waves, keep extra change for using a private toilet on the beach. The privilege here is not available for free, so Baht will help you to pee in closet and exhale your bladder comfortably.

Keep your valuables back in your home

As the party mongers are on all time high, it is safe for you to keep back your valuables in safety stack or at your home. Lock the item to avoid petty thefts and make it an unfavorable experience for you.