Its Time for Fun…It’s For Goa Carnival 2014

Entertainment, Fun, Music and Party… It’s time for the Goa Carnival 2014. This 4 day of production of fun, play, enjoyment and celebration will get started with from 1st March, 2014 and guarantees to keep up the passion and energy among its individuals until 4th March, 2014. The whole condition of Goa engage in the celebrations consist of a celebration of vibrant drifts and troupes of hidden revelers dressed in stunning outfits performing and dancing to vibrant songs that is usually conducted live.


Goa Carnival is the most anticipated occasion, arrangements for which begin from Dec itself. Other than songs, dancing and other enjoyment, the carnival also functions short performs illustrating the custom and lifestyle of Goa in an exclusive way.

The Carnival is exclusively Goan and is not recognized anywhere else in Indian. It’s the last big party before the year of Given begins, and this is when Goa events for five days, non-stop. The emphasize of the exclusive craze of merriment is the consultation and appearance of the famous King of Disorder “KING MOMO” and his retinue to the investment Panaji on “Fat Saturday”, the eve of Carnival.


The Goa Carnival, true to form, is unrestrained merrymaking with style, dancing, processions, songs conducted by both local and national performers and limitless meals, with more than 70 booths providing meals and drinks, being along the same lines of the celebrations.

The celebration has an entourage of fire- people, acrobats, clowns, jesters, performers, steel groups and revelers. King Momo instructions his individuals to ‘kha, piye and majja kar’ – eat, consume and create happy and so be it!

The carnival has religious beliefs, lifestyle and above all the soul of balance that draws guests every year. It is recommended to book resort and cheap air e tickets well in enhance as Goa Carnival draws large numbers of guests from all over the world.