Find Out The Best Way to Get a Glimpse of Kashmir

Kashmir covers most of the beautiful and sparkling region of amazing Himalaya. The natural scenery and varieties of flora and fauna is gifted to Kashmir. The unreached peaks ridge with cap of ice, verdant valleys, serene lakes, dense pine & cedar forest, etc., are presenting an amazing view.

Kashmir has always been the leading vacation destination; people mostly come here to relax with family when hot temperature rises in the flat areas. The best to way explore the undeniable appeal and boundless beauty of the heaven of the earth is by planning holidays. A thoughtfully designed Kashmir holiday packages offering you get the glimpse of wonderland Kashmir in your convenient.

One can find the nature at its best only in the crown city of India. The dazzling white snow in winters creates breathtaking scenery and let vacationers indulge in numerous sporting activities such as Ice hockey & skating, ski & snowboarding, sledging runs, and more. In summers, Kashmir has to offer sparkling greenery as well as an environment to rejoice in various unforgettable experiences, including Mountaineering, River Rafting, Trekking, water Skiing and more.

Tailor-made Kashmir Holiday packages let you explore the beautiful places with leisure. Some top places and attractions that one should never want to miss in the Kashmir holiday are the water activities in Dal Lake. Mountaineering and river rafting in Leh and Ladakh are also a good idea to satisfy your sense of thrill.

Shikara Ride in Srinagar and exploration of the ancient Temples, Sightseeing in Gulmarg and Pahalgam, Mughal Gardens will also be a significant addition in your package. Pilgrimage destination Vaishno Devi is also a place build huge crowd during the Yatra. Getting best accommodation, luscious meal and alluring views in a house boat also presented as a good Kashmir Holiday experience.

Dine, Shop and Party with Bangkok Tour Packages

Grand Palaces, Exotic Temples, lively markets, delectable restaurants, vibrant nightlife and delightful holiday experiences, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is truly a paradise. Bangkok Package Tours grant you a pleasant vacation exploring, partaking in adventures and having a gala time shopping, dining and nightlife.

Bangkok Package Tour

Dining: Bangkok takes you onto an awesome dining trip where encounters are confident to be enchanting and wonderful. But what makes Thai meals so special is its fragrance. Apart from regional Thai recipes, you will also find every other popular delicacy around the globe at its best in Bangkok. Trying some delicious meals in Chinatown. This area of the town not only homes some of the most costly restaurants in Bangkok but is also well-known and jam loaded for the most delicious and most affordable meals booths.

Bangkok Holiday Packages

Shopping: Bangkok is popular for shopping – the newest styles, stunning genuine knick-knacks, footwear, DVDs, electric products are all available at a cheap prices. Many are produced in the nation, so the regional return rate contributes to the fact that there are several less middle men, to make jaw-dropping prices. Here we look at where to shop when you are in Bangkok.

Bangkok Travel Packages

Nightlife: Thailand may look like a relaxing and pleasant nation, but there is still more to it than what you see. During the evenings, Bangkok becomes a crazy town with its plenty of nightclubs. Often the groups are loaded with a rowdy audience that will definitely put you into action. Any celebration creature especially dedicated ones can certainly appreciate this vivid ambiance. Generate towards a bar and encounter the outstanding functions that Bangkok provides every evening.

Tour Packages to Bangkok

Bangkok Travel: A City Of Contrasts & Colors


Bangkok is still the most admired city to trip in Thailand. Even if you only splurge one or two nights in Bangkok, just to take pleasure in the magnificent shopping and eating experiences, it’s very worthwhile. Our Bangkok tour packages will help you to get the right traveling places to explore and experience. Bangkok is the heart of Thailand and the main city by far, with more than 11 million citizens. For the parts that mainly vacationers get to see, it’s still quite manageable and not exceptionally crowded. Well, that is excluding for the traffic which is like working hours most of the day and totally gridlocked in the mornings and afternoons.

Bangkok is Famous for…

1) Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn)


The Wat Arun temple has flourished all over the Rattanakosin era. The attractiveness of the architecture and the excellent craftsmanship affirm its status as a temple of the first grade and one of the most exceptional holy places in Thailand.

2) Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw


If there is individual must-see sight that no trip to Bangkok would be executed without, it’s the dazzling, magnificent Grand Palace, unquestionably the city’s most well-known landmark. Within the fort complex are numerous impressive buildings counting Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha),which holds the small, very prominent and significantly revered Emerald Buddha that dates back to the 14th century.

3) Floating Market


The establishment of all floating markets, Damnoen Saduak persists to recommend an authentic experience although it’s increasingly touristy ambiance. Food merchants fill their vessels with cauldrons and charcoal grills, organized to whip up a bowl of ‘boat noodle’ or seafood skewers upon demand.