Top 10 Classic Thai Dishes You Must Aware of

Expecting Bangkok feast this season? No doubt, this is the best place to hang out with your friends for enjoying to the limit and making some of the best memories in best version. Other than clubs, pubs and discotheques, what makes Bangkok Holiday packages the most desirable of all is its food. Awesome flavors, luscious tastes and rich colors, the sea food in Bangkok is very popular and is loved by the Vacationers specially the one with Non Vegetarian buds on their tongue. Here we have brought you most favorite Bangkok Cuisine which you shouldn’t miss to fulfill your Bangkok vacations –

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Tom Yum Goong or Shrimp Soup –

Prepared with the boldness of lemongrass fragrance, lime leaves and juice, fish and chili, this soup has very herbal genre. Fresh prawns along with Mushroom body; this is a versatile dish which can be complimented with any kind of meal.

Som Tum or Papaya Salad –

It is one of the distinct kinds of dish which have great perfume and aroma to tempt your appetite. Lots of Garlic, Green beans, tomatoes, chilies and raw papaya makes this salad a yummy delight for your hunger. It has very sweet sour and spicy flavor which excites each of your taste bud. Peanuts and shrimps are also mixed for variations or herbal purposes.

Thai Food

Tom Kha Kai or Chicken with coconut Soup –

The tender and small strips of chicken when gets soften in coconut milk complement the entire taste and real flavor of the dish. Minted with fresh lime leaves, it has very sweet smell, creamy texture and compelling look which tempt you more to get a very ethnic sea food in Thai Kingdom.

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Red Curry aka Gaeng Daeng –

Luscious red curry paste, smoother coconut milk and enough morsels with the topping of Kaffir leaves; this is the most delicious curry you will ever get to taste in any corner of this world. The tender meet which is mild, delicate, sweet and fragrant at the same time adds to the flavor of the dish.

Pad Thai aka Fried Noodles –

Thin or wide Noodles along with crunchy, onion and egg, a  luscious dish which have all flavors of sauce, sugar, Chili powder and all other important flavors to make your dinner more tempting and filled. This is the very ethnic kind of Fried Noodles which makes it a very ideal and compulsory sea food available everywhere.

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