Explore India with Cheap India Tour Packages

India is a leading competitor and an internationally famous name when in comes to tourism and vacations with gaining popularity India Tour Travel Packages. The nation of India is nestled in South Asia flanked by Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea with great Himalayas presiding the northern borders. The geographical diversity, cultural diversity, religious diversity and architectural elegance of monuments, churches, forts, temples of the country captivates all visitors to book Tour Packages in India.


Beaches: India is blessed with breathtaking beach destinations being endowed with waters of three oceans and a diverse marine life also enjoying a pleasant tropical climate. India Holiday Package Tours takes you the charming beach states of Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Orissa.

Hill Stations: Owing to the Himalayas and the Western Ghats, India is blessed with a plethora of hill stations. Quaint, scenic and sights straight out of the fairy tales welcome you when visiting. These pictorial towns are sites for vacations, honeymoons and adventures tempting visitors from all walks of life.


Cultural Tours: India is a multi-cultural nation with each province having its own unique culture, religious festivals and heritage. India Holiday Travel Packages takes you to explore and savor the delights of unique state of Rajasthan which is a cultural saga and a memorable experience.

Ayurveda Tours: India practices and propagates the ancient science of Ayurveda which rejuvenates, revitalizes and cures the body, mind and soul. There are numerous resorts in India which services you with the traditional therapies with monsoon being a peak time.

Ayurvedic Tour Package

Adventures: India is blessed with natural sanctuaries and national parks with a diverse wildlife and adventures of wildlife safari, river rafting, trekking, mountain climbing and other activities.