Where to Book Holiday Packages for India in April?

April is the month of the upcoming summers. The month is ideal to travel. You do not need heavy woolens, you do need to fight your way in the crowds as most tourist attractions are left alone and you can enjoy the pleasures of nature as well as lots of travel discounts.

Here’s a list of some of the best tourist places you can visit in summer booking Holiday Packages for India:


The hill station of Darjeeling, West Bengal is the location of green tea plantations along with picturesque environment all around.  The exciting factors you can do in the endowed environments can be obtaining the famous toy train ride apart from involving in actions including hiking and backpacking to view the 3rd maximum peak, Mount Kanchenjunga from the top of the Tiger Hill. You can check out the northeastern remains in the museums, recreational areas and other amazing locations.


In the foothills of the Himalayas, Shimla is a enjoyable touristy location. It homes stylish British homes that reflect a rich British taste in their structure, the Shopping mall Road and many exciting touristy for visitors. Not only the resort-like environment to its lovers but also lets them open up many exciting locations it encapsulates within.


If you want to encounter what it is to be like in paradise then the hill station of Manali is one of the best locations to check out in India in April. Manali is best known for discovering amazing hot spots. You can even enjoy amazing actions here. Snow with untouched peaks, and untouched valleys create for a free treat to your holiday, offering you enough substance for genuine photography while you are here.


The state of Goa, the area of wonderful beaches creates up for the best summer location which is second to no other position in India. The sea is tranquil and the climate is just perfect for spending your holidays. You can see maximum number of visitors head during this season making every corner lit up with energy. If you plan your trip to Goa during April, you can avoid crowds. Paragliding, boating, para-sailing, personal motorcycle trips and cruise adventures are some of the most exciting factors you can do here.



If you wish to feel the magic and dynamics of the wasteland, the town of Jaisalmer is the position for you to check out this April. It is the perfect here we are at touring as well as involving in outdoor actions and shopping. Exotic elegance and vital in traditional value, Jaisalmer will give you the taste of real Rajasthan. To create most of your check out here, go on a desert safari and discover the Great Thar Desert. Sam sand hills are a significant fascination. You can also join a camel caravan and do not miss watching the beautiful sundown and sun rising on the sand hills.

So, pack your bags and go for a long and relaxing holiday to the best locations to check out in India in April.

Its Time for Fun…It’s For Goa Carnival 2014

Entertainment, Fun, Music and Party… It’s time for the Goa Carnival 2014. This 4 day of production of fun, play, enjoyment and celebration will get started with from 1st March, 2014 and guarantees to keep up the passion and energy among its individuals until 4th March, 2014. The whole condition of Goa engage in the celebrations consist of a celebration of vibrant drifts and troupes of hidden revelers dressed in stunning outfits performing and dancing to vibrant songs that is usually conducted live.


Goa Carnival is the most anticipated occasion, arrangements for which begin from Dec itself. Other than songs, dancing and other enjoyment, the carnival also functions short performs illustrating the custom and lifestyle of Goa in an exclusive way.

The Carnival is exclusively Goan and is not recognized anywhere else in Indian. It’s the last big party before the year of Given begins, and this is when Goa events for five days, non-stop. The emphasize of the exclusive craze of merriment is the consultation and appearance of the famous King of Disorder “KING MOMO” and his retinue to the investment Panaji on “Fat Saturday”, the eve of Carnival.


The Goa Carnival, true to form, is unrestrained merrymaking with style, dancing, processions, songs conducted by both local and national performers and limitless meals, with more than 70 booths providing meals and drinks, being along the same lines of the celebrations.

The celebration has an entourage of fire- people, acrobats, clowns, jesters, performers, steel groups and revelers. King Momo instructions his individuals to ‘kha, piye and majja kar’ – eat, consume and create happy and so be it!

The carnival has religious beliefs, lifestyle and above all the soul of balance that draws guests every year. It is recommended to book resort and cheap air e tickets well in enhance as Goa Carnival draws large numbers of guests from all over the world.