Its Time for Fun…It’s For Goa Carnival 2014

Entertainment, Fun, Music and Party… It’s time for the Goa Carnival 2014. This 4 day of production of fun, play, enjoyment and celebration will get started with from 1st March, 2014 and guarantees to keep up the passion and energy among its individuals until 4th March, 2014. The whole condition of Goa engage in the celebrations consist of a celebration of vibrant drifts and troupes of hidden revelers dressed in stunning outfits performing and dancing to vibrant songs that is usually conducted live.


Goa Carnival is the most anticipated occasion, arrangements for which begin from Dec itself. Other than songs, dancing and other enjoyment, the carnival also functions short performs illustrating the custom and lifestyle of Goa in an exclusive way.

The Carnival is exclusively Goan and is not recognized anywhere else in Indian. It’s the last big party before the year of Given begins, and this is when Goa events for five days, non-stop. The emphasize of the exclusive craze of merriment is the consultation and appearance of the famous King of Disorder “KING MOMO” and his retinue to the investment Panaji on “Fat Saturday”, the eve of Carnival.


The Goa Carnival, true to form, is unrestrained merrymaking with style, dancing, processions, songs conducted by both local and national performers and limitless meals, with more than 70 booths providing meals and drinks, being along the same lines of the celebrations.

The celebration has an entourage of fire- people, acrobats, clowns, jesters, performers, steel groups and revelers. King Momo instructions his individuals to ‘kha, piye and majja kar’ – eat, consume and create happy and so be it!

The carnival has religious beliefs, lifestyle and above all the soul of balance that draws guests every year. It is recommended to book resort and cheap air e tickets well in enhance as Goa Carnival draws large numbers of guests from all over the world.

Shopping In Kerala: A Fun To Explore

Apart from traveler’s paradise, Kerala can be a Shopper’s place to hang out where if not something exclusive, you can get at least some souvenir for your friends at the native place. Although the pristine beaches will keep you engulfed and indulged but the markets are surely beautiful which can engage your enough time and offer great things to shop for in extravaganza and exorbitance.

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The Lulu Mall in Kochi –

Kochi witnessed one of the biggest malls in the Asia – the Lulu Mall. It has almost 300 National and International brands to offer which will pass your time in the most exciting way. Not ethnic but modernistic, the mall in Kochi is inspired from the Arabic architecture and structure which have grand expanse of underground parking and sitting spaces. The crowd gathers up here especially in the season of the celebration like Onam.

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Jew Streets for Antiques

If you are all set to make partitions in your luggage for shopping antiques and crafts, then your way goes to Jew Streets. The array of shops here has great things to offer, including the one at cheap and affordable prices and the one with great looks and exclusivity. The handicrafts, jute bags, antiques and several other items embraces the Kerala state with many things to buy and get the  best kind of choices at superb prices. Antiques with different look are ideal for decorating your drawing room and make your home look elegant in every way.

In short, Kerala is the place with multifaceted features; explore the town with zeal and lots of bags with Kerala tour packages.

Party Hard and Party Safe at Surreal Thai Beaches

Beauty, Exotic and swanky ambience makes  Thai Beach Party a must to do for a young ager indulged in partying and enjoying South East Asian territories. Second Week of Each month is a party time on Thai lands and the biggest one is organized at Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan. But before you pack your bags for Thailand Travel Packages, here are some of the dos and don’ts which you should follow for a memorable party extravaganza here –

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Booking Hotels beforehand –

Koh Phangan has numerous places to settle for the night. But as the full moon night get closer, the rooms get pricey and occupancy reaches to maximum at the night. It’s better to reserve the rooms beforehand for the comfortable stay for the beach party.

Don’t get down too early at the venue –

Reach venue around 11 pm so that you don’t miss out the exciting party or became the soul who left out wonders for curling up in the sand whole night. Overexcitement makes the person reach early on time hence don’t miss out the glamour because of this silly feeling.

Don’t buy drinks from the beach

Being the host place, the itineraries available here are very expensive. Hence it’s better to take a walk and get at downsized prices. Few more steps and the drinks will get cheaper.

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Extra penny to Pee

If you don’t want to sweep away your pee in waves, keep extra change for using a private toilet on the beach. The privilege here is not available for free, so Baht will help you to pee in closet and exhale your bladder comfortably.

Keep your valuables back in your home

As the party mongers are on all time high, it is safe for you to keep back your valuables in safety stack or at your home. Lock the item to avoid petty thefts and make it an unfavorable experience for you.

5 tips to pack for Honeymoon on Hill Station

Honeymoon is an exciting time of life when you are all set to spend some beautiful moments with your better half in a romantic setting. And if it’s a hill station, it is actually going to be more erotic, cozy and full of seduction. Here are some of the must things to carry on Honeymoon with Nainital tour Packages for a safe and a memorable experience –

Carry Basic Medicines – Nobody wants to spend his/her honeymoon on bed, coughing, sneezing or with upset stomach. Carry a basic medical kit with antiseptic creams, bandage and basic medicines and tablets requisite for common problems

Woolens – Hill Stations are cooler round the year so don’t forget to carry woolens especially if you are visiting Nainital, Kashmir or Manali which are chilling in this month.

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Scented Candles and Chocolates – For a perfect ambience, you need some elements which can instigate erotica in you. Candles, chocolates, champagne, these are the things which can make your mood turn on at once.

Enough space for your shopping sprees – Honeymooning and not shopping? This cannot be a possibility. So make enough space reserved for your shopping articles, souvenirs which eat up larger portion of the luggage especially when you are at great place for holidaying.

Lingerie and sleep wears – Pack your bags with sexy Lingerie and Sleep wears to make nights more interesting and indulging. Don’t let the romance die at night; keep it alive with the stuff you carry in your luggage. Hence pack it up with some of the fun things you can enjoy with.